What Comes Next? Domino Deductions

What do you notice? What do you wonder? What comes next?

4 dominoes arranged so that the second half of one lines up with the first half of the next. First, 3 red dots over 4 brown dots. Next, 4 brown dots over 5 blue dots. Then 5 blue dots over 6 yellow dots. Last, 6 yellow dots over 7 pink dots.

Write the next two numbers in the sequence. Describe how you know what comes next. You might want to sketch visual models to help.

Draw the next few dominoes. Label your drawing with equations. Describe how you know. 


The dominoes in this set have up to 12 dots on each half. Which will be the last domino pictured? What do you know about the sum of the dots on this domino? Which dominoes would come earlier in this pattern? Why do you think so?


Where do you see this domino pattern in the addition table?

What other patterns do you notice in the addition table?

An addition table. Numbers 1 through 10 across the top and down the left side. Each square shows the sum of the number in the top row when added to the number in the far left column.