How Many? Tree Treats

There are many things to count and many ways to think about the picture!

Find as many ways as you can to answer the question, “How many?”

A young person stands next to an apple tree, counting the apples: 1, 2, 3, 4. Notice the shadows under the young person and the tree. How many shadows is that? You need sunshine to make shadows. The sun in this picture has a cloud covering part of it. It also has 11 rays and 5 more behind the cloud. There's 1 more cloud in the sky, too. The fence behind the tree has at least 9 sections. The number 4 is in the corner of the picture.
  • What can you count in the picture? How many are there?
  • Show someone what you counted and how you did it. Ask them to count something else in the picture and show you how they did it.


Make a drawing showing something that you counted.