Guess My Rule: Scarlet

The picture shows a big white circle in the middle. Inside the circle: 1 red apple. 1 big red square. 1 red spoon. 1 red toy car. And 2 more red items. Outside the circle: 1 green building block. 1 lime. 1 green teddy bear. 1 green pom-pom. 1 green triangle. 1 green leaf. And 1 more green item.

What might be the rule to be in the circle?

Which things below would belong in the circle? How do you know?

A green bead. A red shoe. A green bowl. A red measuring cup. A green puzzle piece.

Look around your home. Can you find something that would go in the circle? What about something that would go outside the circle? Draw or take a picture and share it with us!