Math in Our World: Hidden Triangles

If you cut a square piece of cheese in half, you get two triangles, one for you and one for a friend. Lil Mouse says, 'Mmmmmm! I love cheese!'

What do you notice? What do you see in this picture? Share your ideas with a friend or family member.

Here’s a math puzzle for you: Triangles are all around us! Some triangles can be hiding in other shapes like rectangles, squares, hexagons, and trapezoids. Can you draw lines with your finger or a pencil on the shapes below to show where you see the hidden triangles? How can you find triangles?

A square, a hexagon, a rectangle, and a trapezoid.
  • See if you can cut any of the shapes in half. Does that show a triangle?
  • If you start at one corner and draw a line to another corner, does it make a triangle?
  • Show someone how you’ve made triangles. Then ask them to show you how they can make triangles.
  • Are there other shapes that have hidden triangles? Can you find some in your home?