Which One Doesn’t Belong? Math in the Garden

Look at this set of four pictures. Decide which one doesn’t belong with the other three. Use math words to describe your thinking. There are many ways to think about each one!

A. 5 rows of 6 bugs. The first 2 rows have red bugs. The last 3 rows have yellow bugs. 2-fifths of 30 bugs are red. B. 2 rows of six butterflies. All butterflies are blue. 1-third of 36 butterflies are blue. C. 2 zucchinis, measuring 8 and 12 on a number line. The zucchini on the bottom is 1 and 1-half times as long as the one on the top. D. 1-half of a yard is grass and 1-half is a garden. 1-third of the garden has tomatoes planted.


Find reasons why each of the pictures might not belong with the other three.


Explain your thinking to someone else. Do they have different reasons why one doesn't belong?