Math in Our World: A Cozy Mitten

First picture. A squirrel and a mouse poke their heads out of a blue mitten on a snowy day. An owl stands nearby. Second picture. The owl climbs into the mitten too! 2 + 1

Little Mouse and Squirrel were inside the cozy mitten to stay warm. Owl came along and climbed inside too.

What do you notice? What do you see in these pictures? Share your ideas with a friend or family member.

Here’s a math puzzle for you: This mitten is stretchy enough that many animals use it together for a cozy shelter from the snow. How many animals are inside now? More animals join the animals in the mitten. How many more do you think can fit in the mitten?

Use the mitten picture below to draw pictures and numbers or place toys or objects to show how many animals you think can fit into a mitten. Imagine any animal you want getting inside the mitten!

A blank mitten to draw on.
  • Look at the pictures. How many animals are inside the mitten at first? How many more come along? How many animals are there in all?
  • If 1 more animal came along, how many would be in the mitten? What if 2 more animals came along?

Tell someone a story about how many animals are in your mitten.