Same & Different: Comparing Numbers

Look at the two pictures. What do you notice?

A. shows 1 mat, 4 ten strips, and 5 units (in base ten pieces) is less than 146. B. shows 14 ten-strips and 6 units (in base ten pieces) is greater than 145.
  1. How are pictures A and B mathematically the same, and how are they different?
    • A and B are the same because …
    • A and B are different because …
  2. Draw a picture that compares two amounts. Explain how your picture is the same as pictures A and B, and how it is different. If you want to use number pieces, you can use the Number Pieces app, or draw your own like the ones shown here. You can draw as many hundreds, tens, and ones as you need!
In a number pieces sketch, a box represents 100. A line represents 10. A dot represents 1.