Math in Our World: Sidewalk Chalk Shape Art

This sidewalk chalk art includes shapes of different sizes and colors. 12 shapes have 3 sides and 9 shapes have 4 sides. The largest shape is a green triangle.   All the shapes have straight lines. When you look at some of the shapes together, they make a bigger shape. Like 2 small triangles make a bigger triangle.

People in our neighborhood are drawing chalk art for others to look at when they go on walks. Our friends drew this picture with many shapes on the sidewalk in front of their home.

  1. What do you notice? What do you wonder?
  2. Show or tell what you know about the shapes in this picture.
  3. What math questions can you ask about this art? Answer all the questions you can!
  • Think about what you can count or compare.
  • What shapes do you see? What are their names?
    • How many shapes have 4 sides?
    • How many have 3 sides?
    • How many shapes have sides that are the same length?
    • How many shapes have sides with different lengths?
  • Show your work to someone else and explain your thinking. Did they understand?
  • Ask if they have any other questions you can answer.
  • Draw a picture with lots of shapes in it on a paper or paper bag, or outside with sidewalk chalk. How many shapes did you draw to fill up the paper?
  • Tell someone about how many and what kind of shapes you drew.