Math in Our World: Where’s the Bear?

Michael is in a kitchen cooking with a big pot. A teddy bear hides behind some canisters on the counter behind Michael. 'Do you think he'll see me here?' asks the bear.

What do you notice? What do you see in this picture? Share your ideas with a friend or family member.

Here’s a math game for you: Michael’s silly teddy bear hides in different spots all over the house. What clues can you use to tell where the bear is hiding in this picture? Now it’s your turn! Grab a toy and hide it somewhere in the room. Give a friend or family member clues about where your toy is hiding and see if they can find your toy.

How can you hide your toy?

See if you can find spots to hide your toy that use some of these words to give clues:

behind. inside. below. beside. underneath. in front of. in back of. on top of.

Have someone hide a toy for you and give you clues. Keep track of how many clues it takes you to find the toy.