How Many Are Hidden? Rocketship Shapes

What do you notice? How many shapes do you see?

Pattern blocks in the shape of a rocket ship. The top is a triangle on top of a trapezoid. The body is a hexagon with 2 rhombus wings. The bottom is a trapezoid with two narrow rhombus tail pieces.

Now, some shapes are hiding under an orange bowl.

How many are hidden? Use math words, numbers, or pictures to explain how you know.

Some of the pieces of the rocket ship are hidden. The parts not hidden are the triangle and trapezoid that make the top, and the hexagon that makes part of the body.

What equations match the picture?

Pattern blocks from the rocket ship. The parts that were hidden: 2 rhombus wings from the body. 2 narrow rhombus tail pieces and 1 trapezoid from the bottom. The parts that were not hidden: 1 triangle and 1 trapezoid from the top and 1 hexagon from the body. The equations to choose from: 5 + 3 = 8. 4 + 4 = 8. 9 minus 5 = 4. 8 minus 5 = 3.

Draw a picture or use the MLC Pattern Shapes app to show shapes. Hide some of the shapes. How many can you still see?