How Many? Silly Bear

There are many things to count and many ways to think about the picture! Find as many ways as you can to answer the question How many?

Welcome to the teddy bear's bedroom! The teddy bear has a bed with a pillow and blanket. The nightstand has 1 drawer and 1 lamp. The rug on the floor has 1 big blue oval around a green oval. The bookcase has 3 cubbies on the top row and 3 cubbies on the bottom. In the top row, 1 cubby has 1 green box. In the bottom row, 2 cubbies have green boxes. How many green boxes is that? 1 cubby has 2 green books, 2 blue books, 2 orange books, and 1 yellow book. A toy dinosaur stands on top of the bookcase. How many legs does a dinosaur have? There's also a toy train on top of the bookcase. It is made of blocks and has an engine pulling 2 cars. Each car has 2 visible wheels.
  • What can you count in the picture? How many are there?
  • Show someone else what you counted and how you did it. Ask them to count something else in the picture and show you how they did it.


Make a drawing that shows something that you counted.