How Many Are Hidden? Number Rack

What do you notice? How many beads do you see?

A number rack with 5 red beads and 5 white beads.

Now some beads are hiding behind the screen. How many are hidden? Use math words, numbers, or pictures to explain how you know.

The number rack with 4 red beads visible. The rest are covered.


What equations match the picture? How do you know?

The number rack shows that 1 red bead and 5 white beads were under the cover. Remember, 4 red beads were not covered. Which equations explain how many beads were under the cover? 10 = 3 + 7. 6 + 4 = 10. 10 minus 6 = 4. 10 minus 2 = 8.


Use the MLC Number Rack app or draw a picture to show a different number of beads hiding. How many are hidden?