How Many Are Hidden? Piggy Bank

What do you notice? How many pennies do you see?

A piggy bank next to 2 rows of pennies. Each row has 5 pennies.

Now I put some of the pennies in my piggy bank.

How many are hiding in the piggy bank? Use math words, numbers, or pictures to explain how you know.

Now the first row has 3 pennies. The second row has 2 pennies.


What equations match the picture? How do you know?

Outside the piggy bank are 2 rows of pennies. 3 pennies in 1 row and 2 pennies in the other. Inside the piggy bank are 2 rows in pennies. One row with 2 pennies and 1 row with 3 pennies. Which equation matches this situation? 10 = 5 + 5. 10 minus 5 = 5. 10 + 5 = 15. 5 + 4 = 9.


Pretend you have a piggy bank and 10 pennies. How many will you hide inside your bank? How many will be on the outside? Draw a picture—remember, there should be 10 pennies in all!

A blank piggy bank for you to draw on.