Math in Our World: BB’s Bot Shop

An inventor watches robots being made in a factory. Parts of different shapes, sizes, and colors go into a machine and robots come out.

What do you notice? What do you see in this picture? Share your ideas with a friend or family member.

The shapes used to make robots hang from a board. They include ovals, squares, and circles. Also triangles, hexagons, and rectangles. Plus half circles and trapezoids.

Here’s a math puzzle for you: Becca and Brian opened up a robot shop with all kinds of robots for sale. Some of their robots are made from circles, some from squares, some from rectangles, and some from trapezoids. Can you make your own robot using some or all the different shapes shown?

How can you make your robot?

  • See if you can draw a robot using at least 5 shapes.
  • How many shapes do you need for the arms?
  • What shape will you use for the body?
  • Can you use some shapes that are small? What about some shapes that are big?
  • You can cut out the shapes from the Shape Master and use the pieces to create your robot.

Tell someone about your work. Then ask them how they would use shapes to draw a robot. How is their robot like yours? How is it different?