Same & Different: Happy Hopping

Look at the two pictures. What do you notice?

A: A brown grasshopper jumped over four red and yellow flowers and then four more. 4 + 4. B: A green grasshopper jumped over three red flowers and then three yellow flowers. 3 + 3.
  1. How are pictures A and B the same, and how are they different?
    • A and B are the same because …
    • A and B are different because …
  2. Here are two more pictures. Which one goes better with pictures A and B? Why?
C: A small green grasshopper jumped over six red and yellow flowers. 6. D: A large brown grasshopper jumped over five purple and yellow flowers and then five more. 5 + 5.


Make another picture of a grasshopper’s hops. Explain how your picture is the same as pictures A and B, and how it is different.

  • Mine is the same because …
  • Mine is different because …