What Comes Next? Geoboards

4 geoboards. Each board is one unit. The 1st board has a yellow rectangle with an area of 56-sixty-fourths square unit. Next, a green square 7-eighths by 7-eighths. Then, a yellow rectangle with an area of 42-sixty-fourths square unit. Last, a green square 6-eighths by 6-eighths.

What do you notice? What do you wonder? What comes next?

Show or tell what the next three pictures look like. Describe how you know. You might like to try the MLC Geoboard app to play with the pattern.


What might the 10th picture look like?

Which quadrilateral would be the first to have an area of less than ½ square unit? Why do you think so?


Create your own fraction pattern and share it with someone else. Ask them what comes next!