Guess My Rule: Fraction Expressions

Numbers in the circle are 1-tenth, 0.05, 0.45, 10-hundredths, 4-tenths, 49-hundredths, 25-hundredths, and 0.3. Numbers outside the circle are 0.6, 11-tenths, 2.25, 0.51, 50-hundredths, 1.1, 9-tenths, and 0.75.
  1. What is the rule to be in the circle?
  2. Write some more examples that belong inside the circle.
  3. Write some more examples that belong outside the circle.

Draw a number line. Use estimation to show where each number would be placed on the number line. What do you notice?

Make your own rule using numbers. You can use the circle below or draw your own.

Write some examples that belong inside your circle and some examples that belong outside your circle.