What Comes Next? Nine & Dropping

What do you notice? What do you wonder? What comes next?

First, 9 and 99-hundredths in a yellow square. Next, (9 times 1) + (6 times 0.01) + (7 times 0.01) in a red square. Then, 9 and 7-twentieths in a yellow square). Last, (9 times 1) + (3 times 0.01) in a red square.

Describe or write what the next 4 numbers would be. Explain how you know what comes next.


  • What would the 18th number in this pattern be? How would it be written?
  • What is the last number in the pattern that is greater than zero? Is it written as a decimal or a fraction? What position in the sequence of numbers is it? Explain how you know.


Create your own pattern and share it with someone else. Ask them what comes next!