What Comes Next? Fraction Sets

Picture 1: A rectangle with 12 equal parts. 1 part is blue. Picture 2: The 12-part rectangle with 2 blue parts. Picture 3: The 12-part rectangle with 4 blue parts. Picture 4: A rectangle with 10 equal parts. 1 part is pink. Picture 5: The 10-part rectangle with 2 pink parts. Picture 6: the 10-part rectangle with 4 pink parts. Picture 7: A rectangle with 8 equal parts. 1 part is green.

What do you notice about these fractions? What do you wonder? What comes next?

Draw or use objects to show what the next few pictures (8, 9 and 10) look like.

Describe how you know what comes next.


When will the entire rectangle be shaded in?

What might earlier pictures look like? Why do you think so?


Create your own fraction pattern and share it with someone else. Ask them what comes next!