Would You Rather? Scoreboard Strategy

You have four turns to get the highest score.
Would you rather play a game using …

This target board? It has 3 rings. The yellow center is worth 80 points. The red middle ring is 50 points. The blue outer ring is 40 points. Or this target board? It has 4 square scoring areas. The white center is worth 200 points. The yellow inner area is 60 points. The red inner area is 40 points. The blue outer area is 20 points.

Use pictures, models, words, numbers, or symbols to explain your choice.

I would rather play a game using … because …


Carlos made a different choice. He would rather use the other target board.
Why do you think he made that choice?


Create your own target problem like this one. Share it with someone else and ask them to explain their choice.