What Comes Next? Lemonade Stand

Kris has a lemonade stand. She counts how much money she has each hour and notices a pattern.

What do you notice about the money amounts shown? What do you wonder? If the pattern continues, what comes next?

3 pictures. 1st, a clock showing 9:20, 1 dollar bill, and 3 dimes. 2nd, a clock showing 10:20, 3 1-dollar bills, 1 group of 5 dimes, and 3 more dimes. 3rd, a clock showing 11:20, 5 1-dollar bills, 2 groups of 5 dimes, and 3 more dimes.

Show or tell what the next two pictures look like. Describe how you know.


Do you think Kris could earn $25 in one day? Why do you think so?


Create your own money pattern and share it with someone else. Ask them what comes next!